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Salsa – A great way to meet people while getting fit at the same time !

I am a Salsa teacher and DJ of twenty years  experience, who specialises in  training absolute beginners.

Although generally associated with infectious Latin rhythms, Salsa can also be danced to many other styles of music. The ability to dance is a useful skill on many social occasions and a few simple Salsa moves could easily be used to “wow” friends and family.

You may have seen Salsa on tv, or used some latin steps at ZUMBA class.  Now is your chance to learn more.

I like to teach small classes with lots of individual attention, teaching solid basic principles and musical interpretation. This allows students to rapidly gain a good standard, so they can fully enjoy this addictive form of social dancing.

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{June 14, 2012}   Salsa Parties

We provide Salsa Parties and Latin Ballroom events in the area, with our partner Karaoke-Time.

A Salsa DJ who is also an experienced dancer, knows how to keep the Salseros happy. With a quality sound system, lighting, and music.

Contact        for rates and availability.

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